Essay on Interpersonal Communications

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Interpersonal Communications As social animals, relationships play a huge role in every individual’s life. They shape one’s life at the micro and macro level. This means that relationships can be made up of a bond between two people or a bond that is as large as a connection between entire societies. While it is important to understand the full range of how relationships affect one’s life, it is essential that each relationship type gets the full attention that it deserves. One of the types of relationships that is most common in the United States is known as “friends with benefits.” This “friends with benefits” type of relationship is a complex relationship that is typically grouped with another type that is known as casual hook …show more content…
Though this relationship was not frequently practiced during older times, it is sweeping through our nation and becoming the new modern day relationship. This type of relationship is most common among people in their 20’s. In this age group individuals are beginning to explore their sexuality and what they like and dislike. Studies show that 60-70% of this age group has participated in at least one friend with benefits relationship. Though this is more popular amongst young adults is does occur among people of different ages as well. A US census study was conducted in 2011 on both men and women of all different races and aging from 21-71 showing that 40 percent have participated in a ‘friends with benefit’ relationship in the past or currently. Many may still have a stereotypic opinion on this relationship and assume that the men pursue and initiate this type of relationship, but this is not true at all. Women, now a days are just as infatuated with the idea of a sexual relationship with no ties, this is why these relationships became more common. Now that both gender are willing to participate more of these relationships occurs.

Now that we understand what this relationship is we can ask the question as to why friends would engage in a sexual relationship with one another, but yet not want to make a more stable commitment to one another. The reasons why a person would participate in this type of relationships instead of a committed romantic relationship simply depends

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