Interpersonal Communication : A Unique Type Of Communication Essay

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Interpersonal communication is a unique type of communication that involves two individuals interacting via face-to-face or mediated channels (Bevan & Sole, 2014). Communication between two people is an important part of life and one of the main functions in a marriage and an important integer in growth of not only for the individual person but for growth as a unit. There are so many different levels of interpersonal communication to learn and understand in order to help protect the interpersonal relationship that the two of you share. Understanding that with any relationship no matter how solid the bond is there will always be barriers in any relationship and this one is no different, knowing them ahead of time will help you to deal with them effectively, if and when they occur. Developing self-concept is important to the growth and it is something that the two of you will develop over time, it will continue to change with time. Having emotional intelligence can help build the connection between the two of you. Understanding and knowing who you two are as individuals and being comfortable in your own skin, can help in communicating with each other being open and vulnerable to your partner is virtual to interpersonal communication being able to disclose as much as possible with your spouse can determine how far this marriage goes and how great it can be.

Barriers to Effective Interpersonal Interaction There are many challenges in interpersonal communications and there are…

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