Internet Censorship : A Solution Towards Internet Essay

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The author uses education as a solution towards uncensored information online. Opponents of Internet censorship states that "it is impossible to eliminate the dangers to children, and that teaching children to be aware of these dangers is the most practical defense" (Ballaro & DiLascio, 2016). From this comeback statement, the author is inferring that internet censorship is will not give progress to society. Instead, it is only stopping the society and avoiding the topic of pornography. The author then indicates that “eliminating access to non-child pornography would violate the rights of those adults who choose to make or view such materials” (Ballaro & DiLascio, 2016). This statement, however, avoids and disregards the ethics of making or viewing pornography.
While both sides have their differences on the viewpoint of internet censorship, Ballaro states that "both supporters and opponents of Internet censorship agree that the anonymous, largely unregulated nature of cyberspace has made the Internet an ideal vehicle for the dissemination of materials of a controversial, sometimes criminal nature” (2016). This ending argument demonstrates the openness of the internet; no matter the profession, income, or education, the internet is open to all. This lack of protection increases the vulnerability of the internet. Thus anyone with the minimalist knowledge of technology would be able to use it to their potential, and sometimes even causing harm towards others.
As the author…

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