Internet Argumentative Essay

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Nowadays, society is growing, more progress more civilized. But with the development of growth that the science and engineering technology and a modern, more advanced. It 's hard to imagine life without the Internet would be like. In this argumentative essay, I would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Internet with children. Today, children are introduced to the Internet pretty early and many parents seem unexpected dangers they face. According to the latest research from Kaspersky collaboration with international organizations B2B shows, 21% of users have lost important information or even money from their children 's activity on the network caused. However, these data are not entirely surprising that 44% of respondents …show more content…
"We are exposed to many different technologies in life, we seem to adapt to the world with this technology and our brain will adapt accordingly. I believe that cannot find a big difference in the basic structure. “Dr. Iroise Dumontheil, an expert on the adolescent brain, the concern surrounding the use of the Internet in general combined with the way we process information.” One of my main concerns is" distraction ", never concentrate on one task at a time and interest to a lot of different information. The second concerns people never remember something and never attempt to memorize knowing that information will be available somewhere (like Google). It is important to try to distinguish the use of Internet technology in general. Kathryn Mills 's study focused on the Internet, but the bigger question here about the use of technology in general, but I think very relevant ", Iroise Dumontheil said. (Sarah Knapton, “No evidence normal Internet use damages brains of teenagers”). This report almost negate the concept is presented by scientists cry that the global boom of the World Wide Web since its launch 25 years ago would be harmful to the human brain. Baroness Susan Greenfield, a brain physiology expert, said she was skeptical about the concern of researchers. She argued that the use of the Internet, especially social networking sites will "reset" the prefrontal cortex of us, this area of the brain is thought to be responsible for solving problems and orientation behavior. "I have not seen the report (by Kathryn Mills) so I cannot make a judgment about the content. But I disagree with the assertion that there is no evidence to suggest that the Internet has a negative impact. It is necessary to clarify the phrase "typical Internet usage". She (Kathryn Mills) was referring to the use

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