Internet Addiction And Low Self Esteem, Depression And Loneliness

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I wanted to come up with a useful and accurate definition of internet addiction to guide me as I continue my research. I also wanted to discover if it is possible to treat the disorder and if so, what is the best way to go about it. I found each of my sources useful in different ways. Some of them helped me to pin

down what exactly internet addiction is, although a definitive description is still something I 'm

working on. Some of them backed up my theories on the causes of and reasons for the

occurrence of internet addiction.

The Ayas and Horzum article article studied the relationship between misuse of the internet and low self esteem, depression and loneliness. The authors showed that excessive internet use by adolescents adversely affected family relations. They also showed that internet misuse increased social isolation, in some cases completely replacing normal friendships. They used a cross-sectional model with a simple random sampling method. Their findings were consistent with what I hypothesized and have found to be true so far in my research. Gifford and Humphreys state that state that “Addictive behavior occurs within a social context, which can serve as a risk or protective factor. Social contexts and individuals influence one another.” To me this means simply that the internet can be a benign, even helpful tool, or it can be an instrument of pain and addiction, depending on the context in which it is viewed and used. This is consistent with what I have…

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