International Transport, Communication, And Commerce Essay

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Our world, once divided by the vastness of its oceans, has become connected more so than ever through globalization. International transport, communication, and commerce are results of this development. While globalization has its benefits, it instills regional and global competition between cities. Some cities have flourished, becoming world cities. Others struggle to maintain or catch up. To better understand this sense of competition, indexes have conceptualized universal characteristics of existing world cities to measure how other cities will compare. These indexes paint a clearer picture of what comprises a world city and provide direction for how a city might improve its local or relative situation. One city, Athens, Greece, is world renowned for its historical context. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, having been around for over three millennia. Additionally, the city was the center of ancient Greek civilization and is home to such century-defining feats as the Parthenon. However, the desire to preserve this historical context has limited Athens’ rank in two available indexes: the City Prosperity Index and Global and World Cities Index.
United Nation’s City Prosperity Index evaluates the prosperity of a city based on five sub-indexes: environment, production, infrastructure, quality of life, and equity. Environment details the quality and sustainability of a city 's resources. Production looks at the rapidity in processing and distributing of…

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