International Students Social Life And Making Friends On Campuses

1170 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
International students social life and making friends on campuses In Nathan’s article, my freshman year, she keeps her primary focus on how international students interact with American students and the distinctive type of relationships that they build. It is quite strange to international students from Japan, Germany, Korea, England, and China that Nathan has interviewed about how non-committed American students are to the international students because Americans students do not socialize as much, and have a tendency to spend more time alone. Also, according to her article, most American students will make small talk rather than being close friends or let it develop into more. From conducting her research where she went to college as a student, she figured out a distinct difference between a relationship and friendship between American and international students and it is very similar to my Ethnographic Observation where I interviewed American and international students. Just like her, when did my Ethnographic observation, I interviewed students with a different background. In additional, most the international students that I interviewed seem to feel uncomfortable about American students not giving enough attention to their professor in class. Also, not forget to mention the fact that for American students, the family is a separate subject from school but for international students, it is something naturally integrated into their social lives which is why…

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