International Students And Multicultural Identity Of The Country

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International Students in Canada Bring Economic and Multicultural Benefit
A country’s identity is always projected into its smaller communities and precincts. Walter Murray Collegiate as a school portrays a multicultural image synonymous to Canada’s: being accepting towards people of all origins and offering equal opportunities. Such an image is clear to see in Walter Murray with the large number of international and immigrant students. More recently, international students in particular have become heavily prioritized in the higher levels of education in Canada. Former Trade Minister Ed Fast defined international education as “a key driver of jobs and prosperity in every region” (qtd. in O’Neil par. 8). Canada recognizes the economic benefits of international students, but should also begin to investigate the connections between international students and the multicultural identity of the country. We take Canada’s image for granted, with its ability to attract international students, but those students also encourage Canada to expand on that image. The economic impact of international students in Canada, fueled by and promoting the country’s multicultural identity, is also a motivator to support international students better.
Why Canada seeks International Students and Vice Versa
The most important factor for bringing international students into Canada is the economic benefit, therefore putting a spotlight on the topic of internationalizing education. Essentially, anything…

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