The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Jakie Deily
Organizational Assessment

Purpose of Agency
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps people survive and rebuild their lives in the face of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. They are currently serving people whose lives have been upended by war, natural disasters, and conflict. Their work is multifaceted as they work in countries where people need support to recover from a crisis, respond to help countries stabilize and assist people in rebuilding their lives, and resettle refugees in the United States in effort to help them succeed.
The IRC provides many different services; they provide economic well-being, education, health, housing, employment services, legal services for citizenship, power, and safety. Before the refugees’ land we prepare all the paperwork they will need to apply for Social Security cards and Food Stamps. We find them low income housing and set up the house with all the basic necessities including beds, blankets, couches, silverware, dishes, chairs, tables, lamps, etc. The IRC helps with rent and applies refugees for programs such as Refugee Cash Assistance. The first night the refugees arrive we provide them with a culturally appropriate hot meal in efforts to make them feel
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They work to get children integrated into the public school system and offer other educational opportunities needed for adults to get the jobs they need. We provide them with skills to help them navigate the new world they are living in and how to succeed. There is a program called Bus Orientation, which teaches the refugees how to get to the IRC, DWS, and grocery stores. Newly arrived refugees also have Cultural Orientation (CO) training where they are taught how to navigate American culture. They learn about our laws, civic rights, education system and opportunities, immunization requirements, how to make doctor appointments, housing, how to work with their caseworker, and

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