International Project Management : A Project Essay

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International project management is when a project takes place in more than one foreign country (What is International, n.d.). There are particular skills and knowledge that is needed to be able to conduct business in different nations such as; knowing and understanding the local regulations, customs, and laws and having the ability to facilitate transactions involving multiple currencies (What is International, n.d.). International projects may operate in similar methods as domestic projects; they may also offer some opportunities when crafting a statement of work; they may require a special set of leadership skills for project managers; and they may impact a variety of aspect related to project management.
Statement of Work A statement of work is created during a part of project integration management, a part of the project charter (Project Management, 2013). It is a description of the products, services, or results that are to be delivered for the project (Project Management, 2013). It is an important piece of information needed to begin the project and even complete it successfully. The statement of work will include what the business need is, a description of the product scope, and the strategic plan of the organization (Project Management, 2013). A diverse team creates some unique opportunities and challenges, positive and negative.
Time is an indispensable component of every project and plays a key part to the statement of work, as it is necessary to complete the…

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