The Importance Of Project Management In Organization And Societal Activities

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Azim Dhukka
MIS 4378
Larry Vanover
November 5, 2015
Project Management
Project management is an essential discipline for managers of diverse entities and specializations. This importance is because of its unique approach in enabling appropriate fulfillment of targets or objectives contrary to the usual and repetitive organization’s management approach. Some of the reasons of equipping managers with project management knowledge are because it enables them to appreciate the uniqueness of project management in organizational and societal activities. Managers are also able to understand projects and how to plan adequately for them as well as manage them effectively. Additionally, managers can use this knowledge to solve organizational and societal problems through project approaches, such as project management, project variables, and some project management knowledge areas.
According to Wateridge, a project is defined as an interrelated set of activities that have a set start and end date after the accomplishment of a unique purpose and often have major outcomes (191). It can also be defined as intervention for development that has an aim of changing or solving a community’s problem by using a series of planned activities with defined beginning and end points. Project managers allocate certain
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As a result, they have to lead in the planning, initiation, designing, execution, monitoring, controlling, and the termination of the project. Among his/her key duties include the recognition of the fact that risks have a direct impact with the likelihood of failure or success of any project. Such risks mainly arise from the ambiguity situations in the future and a successful project manager should focus on putting a lot of concern on such hindrances to success. A good project manager should thus formulate and implement strategies that aim at reducing the negative impacts of

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