The Impact Of Distance On The Virtual Team

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The IT sector along with other sectors outsource projects to third parties in different remote locations. An approached used by the IT is creating virtual teams. 2 The reasons behind this is most software industries outsource due to low cost, and the advancement of communication via email, phone conferences, and internet. In the 1990s, the trend was to outsource software developers from Ireland, Israel, and India. The trend continues to increase, and this has had a significant impact on project managers and on the delivery of projects. Outsourcing has proven to cause complexity in information development since there is a difficulty or a lack of understanding requirements. The compacted way of seeing this is in reality there has been cultural and linguistic differences, lack of communication and geographical factors making it difficult for project management to be effective.2 The elements of distance and deficiency of communication causes a barrier and convolution for the virtual team. (Figure 3)
Figure 3. The impact of distance on the Virtual team
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To prevent barriers occurring a, PM must verify the virtual team knows its roles and responsibilities. The project managers would need to unremittingly check the team’s operations. A PM needs to guarantee communication is effective, if a common phrasebook is required the PM, must be able to provide one where both teams can communicate with each other. Cooperation is another role for a successful project. Project managers need to figure out how team relationship will be developed and adopted especially when employees fear their job might be taken away from their colleague in low-cost sites.2 Therefore, the project managers dealing with virtual teams is to monitor, control the social and technical

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