International Human Resource Management : Understanding The Cultural Environment

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Which of the following two concepts is more critical for international Human Resource Management: understanding the cultural environment or understanding the political and legal environment? Why? Include key terms and concepts from the textbook.

While there are many various global issues that affect the International Human Resource Management to run efficiently, there are two key concepts that play a major role in understanding how to approach them with cohesive and a well coherent strategy; they are the International Human Recourse Management Strategy and Understanding the Cultural Environment. In the International Resource Management strategy, many companies will do their research in finding companies that offer the following: ethnocentric staffing, polycentric, and geocentric staffing model. Although, each of these strategies differ in many ways, they all adapt to incorporating these strategies into the cultural environment with the ideals of having a well-functioning, and well-developed understanding of the culture itself, before doing any form of global business with them. That’s why it’s imperative to know how their Human Resource Departments work in all areas, whether its parent-country national, higher-level, host-country, or third-country in order to provide the training, planning, and compensation of all in an international perspective. Meaning this can cause many obstacles to come into play, but on the other hand it can also provided uncertain risks for the…

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