International Development And Resource Justice Essay

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International Development and Resource Justice has been a controversial issue for some time now. In today’s society, the separation from the rich and the poor has become much more drastic. Countries and companies always make decisions based on what can make them a buck, but at what cost? Time and time again you see countries that battle decades of oppression and struggle only to be taken advantage of their resources, land and civilization. My recent case study takes place in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. For the last century, Nicaragua has been a driving force in the sugar cane industry for years. With it being its 2nd strongest export in its country (Coffee being first) and the 3rd strongest export in Central America, it grosses over half a billion dollars a year. Chichigalpa is home of the biggest sugar mill in the country, the San Antonio Sugar Mill. However in Chichigalpa there has been an outbreak of chronic diseases in the community that are assumed to be because of the working conditions and environment they live in. Just 3 miles away from the sugar cane compound known as Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited or NSEL, workers have been coming down with Chronic Kidney Diseases. Due to the exposure of chemicals and weather conditions, most of the sugar cane workers on average do not live past the age of 45. In the last decade over 20,000 people have died of CKD with having only 46,000 in population yearly. With about 5% of their population dying every year, government…

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