International And Public Concerns Over Australia 's Policy Towards Asylum Seekers

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International and public concerns over Australia’s policy towards asylum seekers only intensified through out the years, specifically during Kevin Rudd’s second term in office, which lasted less then three months, and continuing into the current Abbott administration. On August 22, 2013, the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva revealed that Australia has committed 143 human rights violations towards refugees under international law, even though Australia was a signatory in the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Being a signatory in the convention, meant that Australia has agreed that any person seeking a refugee status should be granted the same rights as citizens within the state and is not a criminal, yet the government’s actions towards asylum seekers may prove otherwise (Mankowski, 2014:3). As Australia has been accused of numerous human rights violations towards asylum seekers, this section will discuss three main aspects of Rudd’s and mainly Abbott’s policy towards asylum seekers that has led to extreme criticism on Australia, internationally and domestically by human rights organizations. Firstly, as White 2014 argues, instead of Australia acting through regional cooperation thus leading to mutual benefits, the Australian government has simply chosen to shift its responsibility to third world countries in the region as can be seen in the PNG solution. Under this policy “migrants arriving to Australia by boat will have their…

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