Internal Conflicts In Othello Essay

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1) What are Othello's internal conflicts? What are his external conflicts?

Most prevalent on Othello's mind is fact that Desdemona might be cheating on him. He is unsure because there's hard evidence of her cheating on him with Cassio. When Iago tells him to watch Desdemona's interaction with Cassio carefully, he observes that Desdemona mentions Cassio frequently. This enrages him and pushes him to think that she is guilty of infidelity. The evidence that pushes Othello's mind over the edge of reasoning is when he overhears Cassio mocking the supposed affair with Desdemona while conversing with Iago and witnesses Bianca brandish the strawberry-embroidered handkerchief in front of Cassio and calling it harlot's love token. The handkerchief
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After learning that she marries Othello, he and Iago are in cahoots to screw Othello over. Roderigo listens to Iago's every beck and call, usually without question, due to Iago's persuasion. Roderigo goes all the way to Cyprus to chase after Desdemona, whom he gives gifts to, through Iago. Roderigo soon becomes suspicious and starts to question whether she actually receives them.
His external conflicts are with Iago, Cassio, and primarily, Othello. As mentioned above, Roderigo listens to everything that Iago says, despite it being entwined with lies. Iago lies to him that Desdemona would love him if he gave her gifts. Roderigo then converts all his money and property into liquid cash and gives the gifts for Desdemona to Iago, who keeps them for himself. Roderigo starts to suspect Iago and confronts him since Iago's actions and words don't match up. Iago lies to him and tells him that since Cassio's been made governor of Cyprus, Othello will take Desdemona with him to Mauritania. Since Roderigo is broke at this point, he obeys Iago and wounds Cassio, believing that Othello would wind up staying in Cyprus as governor and that Desdemona would go over to
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If so, identify them.

Bianca has an internal conflict; she thinks that Cassio loves her and thus will marry her. Upon finding the handkerchief, however, she is upset and enraged at Cassio. Something that can be considered an external conflict with Iago, is when the fight with Cassio and Roderigo occurs in front of her house. Since the incident occurs there, Iago seizes the chance to pin the blame on Bianca, because she is a harlot

Emilia's internal conflict is with her husband thinking that she's stupid and good-for-nothing. She proves him wrong when she gives him the handkerchief. The other internal conflict is with Othello. She believes that his change of behavior is due to jealousy, despite Desdemona protesting against it.
Emilia's major external conflicts are with Othello Iago. Othello kills Desdemona on the grounds of infidelity. Emilia knowing Desdemona is innocent, tells Othello so, which is when Othello tells her that Iago claimed that Desdemona was unfaithful. Emilia realizes that Iago has lied to Othello and that those lies have caused murder. She is enraged and upset and tells everyone that the one who instigated the whole thing was

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