Internal And External Of Vacations Essay

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Internal and External


I hated summer vacations with the family. Summer has beenwas always my favorite time of year, I just didn’t like the people that came along with it. My therapist says I’m a misanthropist, a pyromaniac, a drunk, and a nymphomaniac. My father can’t agree. He says I just need more time away from volleyball, basketball and track and more “family bonding time”. I didn’t want to bond and I didn’t want to make time for family. I don’t like to bond. I don’t like my family. I don’t like much of anything if we’re being honest. I would rather drown in my thoughts and be surrounded within 4 walls than to have to go out and talk to people. Every year it’s somewhere new. Venice, Brazil, France, Peru. Who knows. I never really care where we go. I just live in the hotel anyway. I was eighteen years old still having to abide by my parents rules. I needed to get away from people. Find myself a dark room and a lighter and be alone for eternity.


It was hard trying to keep myself afloat when I had a bucket load of other things on my plate. I had only applied to a couple of schools and for a couple of scholarships. I know the year is just starting but I needed to get on my high horse if I planned on getting away from everything that made me want to crawl into a hole and die. My phone rang beside my bed and there was a slight hesitation to answer the call. “Hello?” but I answered anyway. “Come get me.” “I’m not going to stop everything I’m…

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