Essay on Internal And External Concepts That Can Be Applied

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Relationships are our social ties with other persons, ranging from casual acquaintance or passing friendships, to intense, long-term relationships such as marriages or lifetime friendships. Social psychology gives us the resources to try and explain theses relationship and evaluate the positive and negative effects of being in one. In order to evaluate a relationship we must look at both internal and external concepts that can be applied. In high school, a very complicated relationship started to arise during my junior year and lasted until we left for college. Being best friends for four years both of us tried to ignore how we started to feel in order to protect our friendship but from both influences from our friends and even ourselves we decided to give in, and it was the best but worst decision I made. While looking into this relationship the five concepts that can be interrelated is the self-serving bias, reactance, proximity, social comparison with reference groups and networks. The self-serving bias is the idea that good things come from things that we do and can control and the bad things come from external influences. This concept reminds me of when I used to say “when we are good its good but when we are bad its bad” whenever we would get into a fight and my friends would tell me I should just break up with him. An example of when I did this was when we would be in school and he would come in late he would bring me a donut to whatever class I was in and I would…

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