Internal analysis Melia Hotels Essay

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The morgan hotel group

Internal analysis

At Morgans Hotel Group, we are the global leader and innovator of the lifestyle hospitality sector, dedicated to building a differentiated brand portfolio and establishing our properties in 24 hour urban and select resort markets. We create a vibe that encourages our guests, who we call the Creative Class, to live every moment more intensely. Morgans Hotel Group is immersive, transformative and deeply engaging; embracing irony and style, elegance and luxury, with strong and daring vision. We bring together the creative power of many – designers, artists, musicians – to bend the rules, stretch the realm of possibility and constantly push the boundaries of what a hotel can be. We lead, where
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By leveraging our exceptional brands, developing outstanding properties in high-demand markets, and delivering exceptional guest experiences, we are committed to bringing the best of our heritage into a new era for Morgans. To achieve this goal, we made changes in nearly every area of our business during 2011. While our transformation plans are far from complete, we have made significant progress solidifying our foundation and putting the Company on the right path for the future.

Divest real estate assets to fund our expansion and to improve our risk profile by reducing debt and preferred securities.

The goal of this strategy is to dramatically improve the cash flow and profit potential of the Company, thereby creating new opportunities for maximizing value for shareholders.

The last goal is to maximize the companies value and appeal.

Corporate strategy
Our corporate strategy is to achieve growth by leveraging our management experience and portfolio of renowned hotel and food and beverage brands for expansion into both new and existing markets and by targeting strategic internal growth opportunities. We believe that by investing in people, platforms, hotel properties and appropriate management opportunities, we will strengthen our position as a leader in lifestyle hospitality management.

As part of our strategy, we recently shifted towards a more “asset light” business model in 2011 by selling five hotels we had previously owned or partially owned while

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