Interdisciplinary Team A Foot Surveillance Program Essay

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With the help of the interdisciplinary team a foot surveillance program was created. Two assessment tools were developed with the intent of providing an initial assessment, and a monthly and annual assessment to detect foot issues in their early stages. A patient education program was developed to teach patients how to perform adequate self-care and promote their awareness. According to Valabhji (2011) the speed of referrals to the proper provider can be crucial to optimizing outcomes. By establishing a partnership for foot care we can reduce the number of referrals required.
A timeline was created from conceptual design to the implementation phase. A short time frame of 8 weeks allowed for the design of the program, and the required education needed for the staff to implement the program in the unit. Included in the timeline was: identification of the problem, proposed plan for improvement, leadership support, budget creation, meetings with stakeholders, and design of the project, development of an education program, creation of assessment tools, how it will be implemented, what data will be collected and the process required for analyzing, interpreting and using the data to make further improvements (See Appendix A).
Project budget was determined from the initial steps of the project and through its duration. Staffing salaries, administration costs, and supplies were evaluated and presented to the fiscal department for final approval. Equipment…

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