Intercultural Reflection

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Looking through the book, there were multiple chapters that caught my attention. Each topic discussed in the book is important for all teachers to learn, understand, and implement into their education careers. The first chapter that I felt stuck out to me was chapter 3, Cross- Cultural Understanding in Academic Settings. I chose this chapter because a typical classroom is full of diversity. There can be a mix of 1 to 10 plus different cultures in a single class. Therefore, teachers need to understand how to teach and interact with students with different cultural backgrounds. After reading, I have come to fully understand the ice-burg metaphor used to describe culture. Each culture around the globe has customs that are known by most people. …show more content…
As an educator you need to be aware of student cultures and home life. In learning about the multiple cultures in your classroom, beyond the tip of the ice burg, you can create lessons that are more fun and engaging to all students. In incorporating cultures and lesson, you are creating a positive environment, expanding student knowledge, and allowing those students from said culture to be the star in assisting the lesson. Living in American and only knowing the American school system, I was not aware of how different schools were around the world. I knew that there were specific differences based on location, economic status, and student populations, but I believed teaching was about the same across the board. The book use the term “Americanized” and I believe teachers should broaden their teaching styles beyond our social norm. America is known as the melting pot for being a mixture of cultures, so why not teach using multiple culture strategies. I would like to venture out beyond the “American” style teaching. Each classroom is full of diversity and so should my lessons. This is how I plan on using and incorporating this information from the book into my future educational

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