Intercultural Communication In Music Essay

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Background to My Research Question/Project:
“She said, "Baby, I am not afraid to die. Push me to the edge. All my friends are dead”. These are the lyrics to the popular song called, “XO Tour Llif3” by Lil Uzi Vert. When I first heard this song played on the radio station in my car, I was shocked. The lyrics did not make any sense to me and I did not think this type song should be publicize on the radio. Like many other critics of the modern hip pop, I consider Lil Uzi Vert another “mumble rapper.” Mumble rap is a technique used by group of high-paying, popular rappers that lack lyricism and consistently mutter words over bass-heavy beats. Their lyrics are difficult to decipher and understand by listeners. Personally, I feel that this is only
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I believe an important topic in today’s society is intercultural communication. This type of communication focuses on the ability to speak with and work alongside with people of different cultural, ethnicity, opinions, etc. One of the barriers with intercultural communication is misconceptions about someone’s culture and religion. This usually leads to a lack of communication and understanding between two parties. This problem is evident during the presidential election when Trump claims that majority of immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists. As a result of his negative perception of immigrants, he is trying to build a wall on the Mexican broader and removing the few pathways immigrants use to receive citizenship. I think if he had a conversation with Hispanic immigrants, then he would understand that many immigrants come to America to work and later obtain citizenship. Therefore, I want to help build better intercultural communication among my generation. I think I can achieve this goal by using music because it provides a creative way for people to share their emotions, meanings, and struggles with others. Furthermore, my research question is accessing communication and music. How do mixtapes foster intercultural communication among fans of Hip-Hop …show more content…
The sample will consist of five to six male rappers that range from ages 20-25. These male rappers come from diverse backgrounds. For instance, I will be interviewing a Nigerian artist and a Muslim artist. I hope the interviews will help me gain a better understanding of how these artists communicate their ideas to the audience. I also plan to read and analyze their lyrics. Eventually, I want to administer a group conversation with the male rappers to discuss how they help or not help extend intercultural communication. Since I am interviewing males, an interesting angle I could explore is the difference between how males and females communicate in music. I would have to find several female artists who are self-producing mixtapes. But this is a possibility. In additon, I will be reading several articles to assist in answering my research

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