Group Intervention In Student Behavior

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Rachel, Ryan, and Ashley are three students who exhibit challenges with successfully interacting with others. It is no surprise that these students are disturbing others in class and are not responding well to verbal debriefs in time-outs, all the while continuing to be disruptive in class. Even though these three students exhibit struggles with positive interactions, the source of that behavior is different for each student. Since their behaviors all stem from different sources, I feel that individual interventions would be most beneficial for these students. Certainly, an alternate intervention would need to be issued if the student(s) refuse the assigned intervention or it is unsuccessful in adjusting the undesired student behaviors. …show more content…
Placing her in a group intervention could very possibly lead to her showing anger about the intervention and then showing joy from witnessing peers receive discipline. She likely would laugh at her peers if she saw they were upset by their consequence therefore hindering their emotional state even more. Since this could harm the emotional safety of the other students, Rachel would need to receive an individual intervention. Being that Rachel has demonstrated the same disruptive behavior during the previous day I am going to assume that discussion on the next consequence was discussed during the prior day’s debriefings. Reminders, time-outs, and verbal debriefs were clearly unsuccessful since the behavior has not improved, subsequently meaning the next step on the consequence ladder should be approached. Rachel would need to go to a floating quiet-room with a written debrief. Rachel needs to complete a contract indicating that she will strive to improve her misbehaviors when returning to the group. As the teacher I would be sure to do a supportive debrief when going over the written debrief with this …show more content…
Even though the sources are different, the resulting behaviors are all similar. Due to this, each student’s behavior can be addressed with a Quiet Room consequence with a written response. Since the students display poor relationship and interaction skills, allowing these students to complete the consequence as a small group could likely lead to a dispute, or constant disruptions to each other. It for this reason that I feel that issuing this consequence as a floating consequence would be most beneficial. Depending on the success of the intervention, a small group intervention may follow, or a higher consequence could be issued. Even though the consequences are similar, they are still issued individually to address each students reasoning behind the behavior, and better meet the personal needs of each individual

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