Integration Of Organizational Management With Human Resource Management Practices

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Integration of Organizational management with human resource management practices has become necessary these days. Such effort is known as the Green HRM initiatives. Green HRM has resulted from the detailed analysis of companies, areas involved in practices and plans related to the protection of environment and thereby maintaining ecological balance. It means using employee interface in such a manner to promote and maintain sustainable business practices which would help the organizations to operate in an environmentally sustainable fashion. Hence, Green HRM covers two main elements: environmental friendly HR practices and preservation of knowledge capital .(1) Eco consciousness or the colour green is rapidly emerging in every dimension of life and workplaces are increasingly responding by bringing professional consciousness at institutional as well as individual employee level. These kinds of initiatives were taken to be referred to as green management, due to the protection of environment and saving the planet earth from future manmade disasters, greed and in-saneness for the satisfaction of unlimited wants via scarce resources .It can play a very important role in the promotion of environment related issues with pursuance of Green HR policies and plans as well as HR policies so as…

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