Integrating Excellence Through Equity Within The Academic System

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Equity involves trying to understand and give people what they need to succeed or live happily (Rising to the Challenge, 2015). Embracing equity in the academic systems ensures that all students irrespective of their backgrounds, mental capabilities or physical abilities are given equal opportunities in their quest for education. Equity is a powerful means that can be used to lift all students to higher achievement by creating a level playing ground for all. Therefore, equity is the path to excellence for both the low and high-achieving students, and for the general educational system (Alan et al). I believe that all students need to achieve, and they are able to achieve great success when surrounded by supportive teachers to continuously encourage them and make them feel that they are capable. Embracing equity is the only way of ensuring that no student at any given time feel disadvantaged.
As a teacher, to support the notion of excellence through equity in my school, I can develop a curriculum that will provide equal opportunity for all students to study and be able to excel in Mathematics. Such a curriculum will require that all the students, regardless of their backgrounds, gender and abilities, should have the opportunity to study this Mathematics in an environment that allows them to develop to their fullest potential (New Jersey Mathematics Curriculum Framework, 1996). The most conducive environment…

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