Institutional Slavery And Its Impact On America Essay

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Slavery was key to the progression of America,and ingrained many long term problems into our society. It has shaped our society from the beginning of the colonization of America. Slavery and how the United States has overcome it was key to how our society has developed and progressed and why there are problems to this day in relation to racial inequality. It started as a widely accepted practice by white Europeans that put themselves above all other races. After America gained its independence, slavery started to divide America itself. It took years for America to even treat African Americans as equal citizens. However, throughout the fight, first against slavery and then for equality, America became more sympathetic towards more people. The struggles of African Americans moved other movements forward, like the feminist and religious movements.
Slavery began because Europeans found a way to exploit the people in Africa for cheap labor in exchange for their humanity. It quickly spread to America and the more it grew the more it was accepted and, “the voices of objection were few and were largely ignored; silenced or marginalized by the relentless march of a profitable trade.” People were more concerned with the money they were making than the injustices that they were committing. Most of the first African Americans did not immigrate here, but were brought here as a commodity. This helped root racism in America’s society.

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