Jefferson Davis And Frederick Douglass Essay

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Slavery was one of the biggest struggles faced by the United States, tearing the country in half between those who oppose it, and those who support it.
There was many conflicts about slavery back in 1860 when both these documents were written.
The rights of citizens is more broad than the rights of the states as a whole.
The north and south had completely different ideas on how the united states should be run.
With the southerns seeing the slaves as property they believed it was that the Constitution gives them a right to property.
“All men are created equal” as written in the Constitution, but apparently people didn’t think that before the Civil War, and even after.
The government has the power to ignore the Constitution
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The powers of government were debated often in the 1860s, as an example, whether the government could interfere with slavery?
Now the real problem came up, how to the conflict.
Both of these selections were written by good authors, and both had very good audience throughout their documents. Jefferson Davis and Frederick Douglass were both men that had their own perspectives and views on slavery, and while both had good points in their arguments, they both also had their faults, which made them human.
Starting from when America was still the 13 Colonies under the rule of Great Britain, slavery still existed until the 1800’s when President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation declaring all slaves to be freed.
However, before the war, there were many debates on the morality of slavery and whether or Constitution supported this practice.
Being a plantation owner in Mississippi, slaves was part of the defintion of “property” since they were owned by someone.
He saw it as an overstepping of it’s power by making decisions no in their power.
People have disagreed on how government should be ran since the birth of this
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So why did we own people?
Douglass expresses his views on slavery both through legal matters and human morals through his writings that became increasingly widespread and famous through his lifetime, and after.
With property being slaves and their families on the plantations.
Douglass was an ex-slave, and also felt the pressure of being a black man in a slavery-ran world, and spoke about how black people were not property and that slavery was only Constitutional because slave owners had bent it that way.
Douglass felt that is was very contradicting to the Constitution.
The two documents point out the power of the government and slavery, but as clear as day anyone can see that they are both for the fact that one is 100% against slavery and the other thinks that it is a right to protect their property.
Slavery completely overlooked the Constitution by turning man into “property” that can be owned.
However, the southerners believed that all slaves were property and the Constitution states all men are entitled to

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