Institutional Racism : Black Men And Women Essay

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Institutional racism is defined as a form of racism that is expressed in social, political, and economic institutions, discriminating against a certain group of people based on their race. Throughout the history of America institutional racism has been a major issue and key factor to the limited success of black men and women in this country. White privilege has played a major role in the advancement of white over blacks, Northern negroes were made aware that they lived in inferiority to whites (Liparim). Blacks knew that there were goals that white people could get handed, that black people could never reach. Blacks were not able to access the same resources as whites due to being socially and economically discriminated against. Social and economic discrimination ranged from living arrangements and neighborhoods to careers and job, all the way to the attainable necessities in order to achieve their American Dream. America has significantly made it harder for African Americans to reach the same success that white Americans have always been able to reach by continuously putting barriers in the way of African Americans making it nearly impossible to access any part of the American Dream. In the play,
, Hansberry addresses the institutional racism that the members of the Younger family must endure in everyday life as well as in the process of trying to better the family’s life.
In the opening of the play we are introduced to the living styles of the Younger family. Mama,…

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