Essay about Racial Stratification And Mass Incarceration

1228 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
Having considered how the judicial system isn’t exactly fair in their treatment of races that are non-white, the statistics that are present is not surprising. When examing the statistics one can see how it can align with the belief of mass incarceration and racial inequality. The statistics are clearly represented by the author of the article “Post-Racial Racism: Racial Stratification and Mass Incarceration in the Age of Obama”, Ian F. Haney Lopez who claims that race in the United States functions as a form of social stratification. The United States has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of those who are incarcerated, then ever before. Not only that, but we also have more individuals incarcerated than any other country in the world. Bearing that in mind the statistics that are presented are. Lopez reports that “The hundred-to-one sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine has emerged as the quintessential example of how the war on crime, conjoined to race, especially targeted blacks” (Lopez, 8). What this highlights is how the rich white men are given better treatment in the face of the judicial system. Whites are much more likely to be linked to using rich powder cocaine, whereas crack can be appropriated to blacks. Why exactly then, is the punishment different when both forms of drugs are dangerous? Clearly, race is a determining factor in the punishment of drugs. Additionally, Lopez mentions that the crime rate isn’t correlated with the rise in mass…

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