Insect Pest Interfere Crop Production Case Study

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SECTION A: Insect Pest Interfere Crop Production; case study of water melon production.
Insects are organisms that can be of important when impose positive impact in the crops and human environments, but when harm the crops and interfere with human activities they regarded as pests and much care must be taken to ensure they not harm the crops and reduce risk of crop loss. Idea of understanding their biology, the way they reproduce, grow and develop and their involvement in the crop environment is of much important in order to understand the control method to reduce or perhaps stop damage in the crops. To choose the method of control whether chemically or other methods it is better to study their life, specifically biological activities of their
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The impact of various biology processes lead to organism of the same or different kind to depend each other on getting basic needs that sustain their life, animals feeds on mature plant which is product of multiple biological processes, plant also depends on getting some nutrients such as nitrogen from small organism like bacteria that fix nitrogen in the soil and make it available for plant uptake (Mylona et al. …show more content…
But to have beautiful environments that will enable human to get basic requirements like water, food and shelter, plants need to be managed sustainably. In order for plant to be managed effectively society must know the biological processes that concern with plant developments, such as physiological growth of different plants and how human influence can negatively affect biological response and eventually the life of the plant. Here it comes the role of biologist on extending the knowledge of biological science specifically plant science which will have great impact on changing the altitude of society toward conserving environment by ensuring they adopt the skills of managing the individual plant as well as large forest. Basing on knowledge of physiology of the plant farmers can be able to produce more crops that will ensure food security in the society. Also natural and artificial forest will be managed efficiently, that will reduce negative impact of climate change in the

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