Injustices Of The Massachusetts Juvenile Justice System Essay

817 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
There have been a series of injustices in the Massachusetts juvenile justice system. They passed a law which was enforced 15 years ago. According to which the teenager criminals which author called “super-predators” were to be punished severely by the law. There have been a few cases in the history of the state of the Massachusetts where the non-criminals characters who have a very minor or no records of criminal activities in the past got a severe punishment and those young criminals who did a very severe crimes like murders with the violence and having a very big record of criminal activities got no punishment at all or very small punishments compared with the first case.
This act of the Massachusetts justice system make the public angry who uproar their vices against the injustice in the state. The law was passed on the basis of some of the cases in the Massachusetts State which made the government and policy makers to pass the law. Among these cases, the characters of Hall and Odgren cases as well as the case of Edward O 'Brien are very prominent. The cases of the Hall and Odgren and the injustice with them made the policy makers think that the potential risk and terrible juvenile criminals are not being supposed to treat with any law. They noticed that the system is such that the criminals with only a small criminal and having a small criminal record are getting more severe punishments like being sentenced to life without any chance of parole while those having a…

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