Inherit Midnight Analysis

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Every Story Has Two Sides

Is there two sides to every story? In the novel, “Inherit Midnight” by Kate Kae Myers, two perspectives of the protagonist, Avery VanDemere, are shown. Avery VanDemere feels as if her life is dreadful. Not only was she stripped from her parents at a very young age, but she is not allowed to be with friends, and her only company is the mansion's servant and cook, all because of her grandmother, Justine Vandemere. Contradicting Avery's perspective of her life, her family's perspective is the opposite. They have the idea that she is the favorite relative of the rich widow, Justine VanDermere, and thus believes she is spoiled. The different perspectives contribute to the plot of the story as Avery is determined to win
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The family presumes her life is great in every way and they are jealous of her due to this. They have the belief that she lives in a lavish mansion, is Justine VanDemere's favorite relative, and gets anything she wishes for. In fact, they show hatred to her by assaulting her, calling her rancorous names, and interfering with her completion of the inheritance competition, simply because of their view of her life. To explain, Avery's cousin Chase yells, "Always her (Justine VanDemere) spoiled brat" (Myers 137). Regardless of Avery's perspective, her relatives are very malign to her because of how their side of how they view her life. Although Avery feels that she is as lonely as a troglodyte, her family sees her as a spoiled child. Since her family feels hatred for her due to their side of the story, they try to keep her from winning the family inheritance competition at all costs. Another example of the family's jealousy would be Avery's Uncle Marshall admitting after losing the competition, "Mother kept talking about you. Every time I was here, it was always about how good you were" (Myers 371). The VanDemeres see Avery as Justine's favorite relative and cannot seem to tolerate this. In essence, contradicting Avery's perspective of life, the VanDemere relatives are jealous of Avery because they think she lives in an enormous mansion that keeps her entertained, is selfish, and is Justine VanDemere's favorite family member. Because of this, they will do anything in order to interfere with her achievement in the inheritance competition and prove that they are the superior family

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