Argumentative Essay On God Is Good

According to our texts, God is not good because God causes suffering without justification and creates humans to be inherently evil. While God’s creations are described as good in the creation story, God is never explicitly described as good. This raises the question of whether God is good or not. Upon observing God’s actions through the texts we have read it becomes hard to see God as good. God creates humans in his image, who are later defined as being inherently evil. God also harshly punishes humans for even minor infractions. Finally, God causes suffering without just cause, or providing a just explanation. When observing all of these actions, it becomes impossible to see God as good based on our texts. The first reason the texts do not support the idea of a good God is that one of his main creations, humans, are described as inherently evil. When God creates the world, he sees that all he has made is good. (Genesis 1:31) God also creates humans, who God creates in his image, who are the only part of God’s creation …show more content…
While in the Garden of Eden, God tells Adam and Eve that they have complete domain over the garden, with the exception that they may not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:16-17) When Adam and Eve disobey God and eat from the tree, God punishes them severely, cursing Eve to suffer great pains in childbirth, and cursing Adam to toil over the Earth to feed them. (Genesis 3:16-19) God also banishes Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, saying that they have become more like God himself with this new knowledge. (Genesis 3:22) These punishments are incredibly severe for the mere consumption of a fruit, especially when the two committing the act didn’t have the knowledge of good and evil beforehand to know they were doing something wrong. A good God would not rely on such a harsh punishment for a simple act of naïve

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