Informed Consent Is Necessary For Medical Practices Essay

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Informed Consent is necessary for medical practices and for the protection of medical patients, although it isn’t perfect, it has improved greatly over time. Informed consent is needed for patients involved with any biomedical experiment. By signing a waiver of consent, a patient is allowing their doctor to perform any procedure they feel is required to keep the patient safe and healthy. Before medical professionals give consent, the patient must know all of the possible outcomes the procedure could have. “It is the duty of the doctor to make a reasonable disclosure to his patient of the nature and probable consequences”(Kirby 69). By not telling the patient, the doctor is denying the patient of their human rights of their own bodies. Before informed consent, people were not told what experiments they were being tested for such as the Tuskegee Syphilis study where African Americans were test subjects without knowing, many of these men died later in life due to the study. Doctors also used to take patients body tissue during procedures to use for medical testing and advancements. There have been many arguments involving informed consent as to whether the doctor should tell his patient everything even the harmful effects a procedure brings, or that the waiver should be made specifically made for each individual patient. People also question what makes up full informed consent. Informed consent is essential for medical practices but still needs to develop more because there is…

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