Informative Speech: How to Make a Boutique Bow Essay

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Informative/Demonstrative Speech

I. Introduction a. Attention Getter:
Have you ever wondered how you could make your own hair bows? Do you want to learn to make hair bows for that precious little girl in your life?

b. Brief Background:
The idea to make hair bows first came to me after shopping for bows at the mall and realizing that they were not only poorly made but also extremely expensive. Hair bows are fun and simple to make, and anyone can learn how in just a few easy steps. (

c. Specific Purpose Statement:
After listening to my presentation you will learn how to make a simple bow in 8 easy steps.

II. Body d. The first step to making a simple boutique hair bow is
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11. Wrap the ribbon around the bow twice and glue the ribbon in the back at the center of your bow. 12. Cut off excess ribbon, which will be used to line your hardware, and heat seal the ends once more. f. Finally, you are ready to anchor your bow onto your choice of hardware. Today we are using alligator clips. x. Using the glue gun, add glue along the inside of the alligator clip, make sure to hold it open, so that it does not glue shut. 13. Now place the left over 3/8” ribbon inside the clip, so that the ribbon is now the lining of the alligator clip. 14. Close the clip, and add glue along the top of the clip, folding the ribbon over it. This will help the clip glue onto the bow more securely. xi. Once the glue on the alligator clip has dried, using the glue gun, dab a fair amount of glue along the top of your clip (the side with the ribbon) and firmly set your bow on top of the clip (make sure it’s centered). Allow the glue to dry, and you have finished making your boutique bow.

III. Conclusion g. Today I have demonstrated the simple steps needed to make a boutique hair bow, including the tools and materials required. Remember to allow your creativity to take over when making your bows. This is the simplest type of bow one could make, basically

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