Essay on Informative Speech : Content Control

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Content Control

People often over look or tern a blind eye to the things said or done on there TV. This is because there are so many young people out there that don’t seem to understand just what it is that there watching or they don’t know that it could be secretly affecting the morel in the decisions there making and that the cause may be there favorite TV show. However there are so many shows out there that can be miss leading like animated show with adult content(Family Guy or The Cleveland Show) or you have “reality television” with all kinds of inappropriate shows that aren’t animated, but still seem to corrupting the minds kids. Some kids are exposed to certain T.V. shows to early or maybe there just watching the wrong T.V. shows. The research that I’ve done has equipped me to inform you about this situation. People should see the impotence of keeping an eye on what they watch so let me spell it out for you using only facts. Because the fact is that people need to know just whats going on with the content of there T.V. shows.

Our Dilemma as a People
First, this graph shows the amount of violent teen gun deaths here in United States compared to the amount of…

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