Informative Speech About Brazil Essay

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Name: Suleima Guzman
Topic: Brazil
I. Introduction
A. Attention getter: Imagine yourself on a white sandy beach far away from all the books and term projects due this week or the next. Away from the crowded elevators, busy streets and crowded train rides. Now imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of people screaming and shouting out of joy, watching colorful floats pass you by. You find yourself moving along with the music playing and just can’t help yourself. This is just something you would probably experience if you were to spend a night in Brazil.
B. Thesis: Brazil is a country known for its vibrant, colorful and lively culture. It has a lot to offer, from its great one of a kind vacation spots to the captivating sound of the
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The Carnival consists of spectacular floats surrounded by thousands and thousands of dancers, singers, and drummers who move to the sound of Samba. They parade through the enormous Sambdromo Stadium dressed in elaborate costumes. According to the Topics Magazine the Carnival starts forty days before Easter and lasts four days and four nights. C: Brazil's national dish is feijoada, a hearty stew made of black beans and pork (ears, knuckles, sausage and pieces of beef (usually dried)). It's served with a side of white rice, garnished with collard greens and sliced orange. According to locals this is not a dish tourist should have because it is very heavy and the stomach won’t be able to handle it.
V. Conclusion
A. Attention Keeper: To conclude lets go back to that festive scene of lively music and people dancing and laughing. That is just a scene that would be seen four days a year, but the people of Brazil make sure that every day is lively even if it’s not with colorful floats. B. Restate Thesis: Brazil with its captivating culture it’s a country that definitely stands out and cannot be overseen. C. Review main points: Today you had the chance to learn about the geography, music and diversity that Brazil stands out for. The events such as the Carnival that Brazil stands proud to host.
D. Closing thought: I hope you have learned a bit more of the wonders that Brazil and the people can offer. Like the people in Brazil

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