Colombia Country Analysis

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1. The events of history have proved to be a benchmark for Colombia and its forward progress to prosper in a world that is in constant change. The economy and resources that make the country of Colombia sustainability will continue to grow for future economic gains and production of the country’s viable rich resources for the means of exports for other countries throughout the world. The country of Colombia’s political and social relations outreach has made progress towards a foundation of standards with partnering countries, in particular with the United States (US). The US and its interests by the country of Colombia have a deep and rich history with tension and apprehension, but over the years have come to a better understanding of free …show more content…
US has special interests with the Colombian population, future industrial growth, and independence throughout their country. As claimed by the US Department State, the US interests in Colombia include promoting security, stability, and prosperity and supporting Colombia’s continued progress in addressing its security, economic development, and governance challenges.7 Colombia has taken the initiative to follow closely behind the US in means of sustainability within the country through governing standards through treaty agreements proved to strengthen the relationship between the two countries for years to come. The country of Colombia in recent years has promoted a healthier armed force and police, protecting the Colombian natives against the relentless Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) militia stronghold. The FARC is one of the largest and richest guerilla militias in the world. According to the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC), Experts estimate that FARC takes in between $500 million and $600 million annually from the illegal drug trade. The FARC also profits from kidnappings, extortion schemes, and an unofficial "tax" it levies in the countryside for "protection" and social services.8 The militia group has a dominant effect on the entire region and controls what goes in and comes out of most ports. Even though the FARC instills a direct and rugged persona, the Colombian population still praises them for their presence. Correspondence with Global Research, it is increasingly clear, when concerning the recent actions of Bogotá and Washington to facilitate seven fortified bases controlled by the United States on Colombian territory, that both states have coordinated a strategic alliance to militarize the region, not simply one

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