Information Sharing Act Of 2015 Essay

789 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
S.754 - Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 was a law that got introduced to congress of march of this year. The law gives companies legal immunity to sharing information over the wire going to their servers to protect them from threats. This law purposed that the federal government would be able to disclose classified and declassified information about threats and vulnerabilities to private cyber companies. The intent of this bill is to prevent a wildfire from starting while there is still just an ember in the air so to speak. However in order to stop these potential threats and vulnerabilities from starting the Department of Homeland security must Implement a system in said private software companies network, giving them unrestricted access to client information going across the wire that could be used for anything.
In addition to the added system to these companies, This bill gives the DHS Secretary under emergency conditions to respond to the threat and come in with no hesitation to “fix” the problem before you even know it was there. Including the international traffic on private company servers to have a very heavy presence on ' and everyone who interacts with these companies. In the second installment of this law, it allows the Department of Homeland security to upgrade to top of the line Intrusion detection technology, and share that with other companies that if they wanted, could stop certain unwanted traffic to come into their servers. While this bill…

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