Information Management Case Study Essay

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Knowledge Management
Module Outline
This course will develop your knowledge and understanding of contemporary theories and practices of knowledge management (KM) by examining the relationship between a theoretical understanding of knowledge management and real-life situations and by integrating different dimensions of knowledge management arising from human resource management, information systems and strategic management. The course will explain the concept of `intellectual capital’ and how it is managed and exploited in organisations. The course will demonstrate a critical understanding of knowledge management policies and strategies in organisations that enhance effectiveness. You will be able to apply a range of transferable skills
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1.4 Managing knowledge from ancient times to today
Chapter 2: Philosophical Perspectives on Knowledge
2.1 What is knowledge?
2.2 Burrell and Morgan's framework on philosophical paradigms
2.3 Competing philosophical positions in knowledge management
2.4 Contemporary notions of 'knowledge' in knowledge management
Chapter 3: Organizational Learning
3.1 How do we learn as individuals?
3.2 How do teams learn?
3.3 How do organizations learn?
3.4 The role of politics in organizational learning
Chapter 4: Knowledge Management Tools
4.1 Tools for organising knowledge
4.2 Tools for capturing knowledge
4.3 Tools for evaluating knowledge
4.4 Tools for sharing knowledge
4.5 Tools for storing and

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