Information And Services Of A Satellite Pharmacy Essay

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Some of the existing methods and services that a satellite pharmacy does are drug preparations.

In most operating rooms drug preparations and distribution are assigned to technicians with the

watchful eye of the pharmacist. Drugs that are used for non-anesthesiology purposes and

nonspecific cases, pre-determined medications can be produced and may be used for any

patient. Automated medication storage and distribution devices are used to supply medication

to surgeons and nurses. These automated devices are very accurate and saves the pharmacist

time by not having to distribute the medication. Drug inventory control is another method used

by a satellite pharmacy and is under the responsibility of the pharmacist but they can assign the

pharmacist technician these responsibilities. In a satellite pharmacy drug inventory is

centralized. Inventory of the drugs is kept in a surgical suite and whenever a surgery takes place

the satellite pharmacy is staffed. The pharmacists decide the drugs and quantitates, and supply

levels are checked every day. This allows the satellite pharmacy to keep track of the drugs in use

and monitor expiration dates. Clinical services are another method currently being used by

satellite pharmacies. Clinical services include a variety of different things such as medication

management where the pharmacist takes the role of a leader in the operating room.

Pharmaceutical guidelines are developed for certain surgical procedures as…

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