Information And Communication Technologies ( Icts ) Essay

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The deployment of the ICTs in rural areas is the single most important factor hindering the implementation of distance education in those locations. Evaluate this statement. There is wide consensus in government and non-government circles, both within individual countries and across many multilateral organisations that the information and communication technologies (ICTs) are critical to overall economic and social development and in particular to human development. With regard to human development, the ICTs are seen as playing an important role in expanding educational provision for all people, especially those sectors of the population that are normally considered as being disadvantaged and marginalised. In this regard, rural communities are the focus of much attention as governments and other international agencies allocate resources to facilitate the deployment of the technologies required to support educational provision for populations that are far removed from the more developed urban centres. Many contend that this is the single most important requirement for improving educational services to rural communities; yet others question this uni-dimensional perspective. In this discussion we would argue for a more holistic, multi-dimensional outlook on this issue of improving the educational opportunities of underserved populations. The emergence of the ICTs did not so much introduce new technologies but rather made it possible for already existing technologies to be…

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