Influential Muslim Women

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Mahjoobah Billah 12B March 12, 2017
Influential Women in Islam

There are many influential Muslim women who contributed to Islamic history and society now, but some of the greatest ones are not recognized enough for their efforts. These women make all women feel powerful and motivated enough to do the same, to pass along the message. Some of these women who contributed to Islamic history are: Aishah bint Abi Bakr, which almost everyone knows about, Naseebah bint Harris, who is also known as Umm Attiya, and Zaynab Al-Ghazali who was an Egyptian activist during the 1900s.
Aishah bint Abi Bakr is known for her extensive knowledge for Islam, being a social and military leader, and for narrating many hadiths. She was married to the
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When Zainab (RA) died, the Prophet (S) guided her on how to give her the funeral bath. The companions and the followers of the companion learned the method on how to give a funeral bath. She also learned from the Prophet (S) that mourning over a death should not be more than three days and obeyed the Prophet when her son passed away – she only grieved for three days. So, Umm Attiya is best known for her participation in the battles and for teaching others on how to give the funeral …show more content…
If we can try to devote our lives for the cause of Islam and make changes in the United States, that will be a great duty for us.
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