Influence Of Popular Culture On Society Essay

1084 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
If a movie or television show in today’s society were to bash a certain race, desecrate women, or outwardly reject the LGBT community, would it gain a positive response? Of course not, this is 2016! In order for popular culture outlets to appeal to modern viewers, the content must remain current; from movies to television shows, society expects them to keep up with the times. Therefore, popular culture provides a reflection of changing attitudes regarding a multitude of social constructs. Where the public stands regarding topics such as racial diversity, gender roles, and the LGBT movement can easily be determined by simply taking a stroll to the cinema or even flipping on the television. Perhaps the strongest example of popular culture’s reflection of society occurs in regards to race. Less than a century ago, blacks in the United States were not seen as equal to their white counterparts. This idea was illustrated through popular culture in animated Disney movies such as the 1950 version of Cinderella—which featured a main character that was, naturally, white. Nevertheless, as times have changed, so have portrayals of the infamous Disney legend. In 1997, over twenty-five years after the civil rights movement, a new version of the movie was released, this one featuring a black Cinderella. Veronica Chambers, a former magazine editor and current writer, believes that “The casting of Brandy as Disney’s latest Cinderella is especially significant because for many black women,…

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