Essay about Influence Of Online Education On Higher Level Education

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Kefei Wu ENL 213
Research outline
The influence and controversy of online education on the higher level education
Online education has became a trending among different groups of people.
College full time students
Teenagers in poverty or inaccessible to higher education
Full-time employees who still pursue higher degrees B. The definition of online education according to the U.S. Department (Ethos)
Learning taking place based on Internet environment
Different technology applied on the online education
Relationship with traditional face-to-face instruction:online education is considered as substitute or alternative of face-to-face instruction, C. Thesis: Online education is an effective and relatively affordable method to enhance personal abilities. In addition, educators and students should put more effort to enhance the course quality and build an effective learning community so that online education will continue to deeply influence teaching and learning style of higher level education system.
II. Online education makes higher level education to be more accessible and flexible.
It provides academic opportunities for those who live in poverty
Cost of online courses and programs are much cheaper than face-to-face instruction (Pathos: example of Khan who is the founder of Khan Academy. Khan grew up in underprivileged environment and know well about the education condition in such place. Therefore he found Khan Academy, an…

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