Summary: Media Influence On Sexual Identity

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I have seen through many different varies of the media that influenced my sexual identity. I would notice that guys that look with a physical body. Few medias I have noticed would be, music videos, television and movies. Then, social media modeling, facebook and myspace. Men with a great shape abs and muscular body structure has given many of us women a great identity what has influenced our sexual identity. I would notice from my personal favorite Korean pop star would be Jay Park. Visualizing most of his videos with his shirt off is amazing that I would like to have with a great muscular man. He has one of the most sexual abs a girl would want, and a very lean body structure. Most girls like myself, we like is romance because of the boost …show more content…
For example, in the movie friends with benefits both of the boy and girl enjoy sex. I have seen how much sex could be much fun than how it was before. It has given me many pleasures of seeing this. Watching what I can do maybe when I am with a guy. I can sing or do funny acts with each other. I have noticed another part of the media that has given my sexual needs would be some sexual videos. For example, I have seen a singer dancing and grinding with the song he has made. Having him grind in the air with a body and sexual music going on. I do notice the negative parts I have seen that is not a great sexuality. Men that treat women unfairly and thinking we are the under class. For example, a man won’t give the woman the pleasure needed or wanted. It makes me very disappointed that there are men out there like this. Next, would be men raping women for their sexual needs. It made realize from many different medias in the world, what I love and dislike about my sexuality needs or disagreements. I believe that I know I can see myself not eager for my sexuality. I know what I want and believe is best for myself. I was disappointed at most about believing that most of the media I have noticed will be the same as what I would like or not like. I was more aware when I noticed more and more of what I believe I like about men. Also, from seeing through the news and magazines what I need to be careful about. What I need

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