Influence Of Media On American Citizens Essay

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The creation of media allowed American people the ability to access different forms of information. Magazine, one form of media, creates different images and platform based on where the magazine is published and by whom. Magazines were created to allow people a way of providing periodical publications that contain articles and illustrations about a specific subject or are of interest. Magazines provide new way of locating information besides through the way of newspapers. During the mid 1800s, media held great importance for American Citizens. Through the new wave of media, the audience for information were described as the publics and counter publics. The public audience describes rational media written for the general people. During the 1800s, the general audience tended to be white Americans who read about daily information about the white demographic. On the other hand, counter public was created as an activist outlet to address the problems that existed in the current society. The counter public faces many limitations because the target audience no longer caters to the white demographic. The creation of the counter public through magazines hold importantce in society because the counter public provides another side to major problems present in society through the treatment of people based on the creation of race. [………………………………………………….]
Fredrick Douglass, a slave who escaped to freedom, became an activist for the rights of African Americans and harnessed his ability to…

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