Influence of Cultural Differences Between China and West on Hotel Management

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Introduction: China's hotel industry has only really existed since 1978. So far, it has been drawing on the successful experience of the Western, or simply copies part of the management mode from western hotels. Undoubtedly, both the hotel management theories and modes in western countries are advanced and perfect compared with those of China. However, just as Rome is not built in one day, the successful and mature mode is developed and accumulated throughout a long time in Western society. If the successful experience is engrafted directly to China’s hotel industry, confusions and discrepancies will occur essentially due to the cultural differences between China and the West. As the pace of International economic integration goes …show more content…
The 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 World Exposition in Shanghai has brought great chances as well as challenges for the whole industry.
1. Current situation of China’s hotel industry 1. Dissatisfaction of service quality It’s universally acknowledged how service matters in hotel industry. It is service that makes all the hardware facilities in a hotel valuable. A bottle of water cost 1.5 yuan in supermarket can price to 5 yuan in a hotel room in light of its service, which means convenience and easy-to-reach. Therefore, through the service quality, which is the core value of a hotel, we can pierce the whole management structure and even the industry. In spite of the rapid development of Chinese hotels, none of the world top 80 high-star hotels are from China. And that means the standard and quality of services provided by Chinese hotels were still far below international standards. Problems included poor staff quality and regulations, unreliable reservations system, low working efficiency and environment pollution around hotels. The chart below shows the satisfaction rate of Chinese customers in a survey of 150 college students when asked “What do you think of the hospitality industry in China?” 80% of the participants hold the opinion that China’s hotel industry still needs improvement while

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