Influence Of Comics On The Public Essay

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“Few enduring expressions of American popular culture are so instantly recognisable and still so poorly understood as comic books.” (Wright 2003, pp.1) Comics are an indelible part of Western culture, and since the ‘Golden Age’ of comics (the 1940s) they have constituted a “rich area for exploring cultural meanings about America as a nation, and the mythologies of nation identity pervasive during specific historical moments.” (Emad 2006, pp. 954) They explore almost every genre, cross generational barriers and have produced more cultural icons than can be counted. While comics are often generalised as being for children, “comics have helped to frame a worldview and define a self of sense for the generations who have grown up with them.” (Wright 2003, pp.2) As a result, the influence of comics on the public cannot be overlooked. Archaeology is a fairly common theme in comic books, and why wouldn’t it be? “Distant lands, searching for lost treasures, the threat of competing looters and foreign governments, the possibilities of cursed tombs, with only the lone archaeologist to right the wrongs and triumph.” (Meyers 2011) Archaeology and comics are a natural mix. By examining why archaeology and comics are related, and how comic books portray archaeologists, we can discover what comics are converting about archaeology.

Comics and archaeology are natural cousins. “After all, most ancient languages - Egyptian hieroglyphics being and obvious example - exploit the same image and…

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