Mcdonald's Influence On America

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We all have or will experience something or someone from another part of the world. There are three different ways that America has influenced the world, through culture, american ideas, and music. There are different countries that America has influenced including China and Mexico. China has taken in Mcdonalds into part of their lifestyle and Gap Clothing in their style with music. Africa has made a good influence on the U.S by bringing their cooking, music, and art styles with them. Mexico has obtained American food like Oreos, American cars, and American music.
One country that has been influenced by America is China. One way that America has altered China is through culture. Mcdonald’s is a strong part of American culture. Mcdonald’s is
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“Song Yang, a bass player in a Chinese metal band called Spring and Autumn, flew in from Beijing to see the first Metallica show, which sold out in just six minutes” (An American Headliner In China: Metallica’s Shanghai Debut). American music in China is a huge deal in their country. One country that has made a bang in the United States is Africa. Americans have picked up food styles from African American cultures. “But Bailey says her favorite way to eat the peas is a traditional dish with stewed meat and okra, another plant that originated in Africa” (We eat this back home pg 1). After slavery was outlawed peas and other veggies were staples in family households in Africa. “Using these foods, they introduced new recipes to the existing American dishes” (History and Food pg 1). African and American foods come together and create different dishes around the …show more content…
has made an incredible influence throughout the world. One country that America has impacted is Mexico. One way it has influenced Mexico is with American made food. “The fast food chain, which has opened 20 new restaurants in Mexico this year, brings fries from Louisiana and burgers from Texas, all made by American workers” (Demand for American-Made Products Growing in Mexico pg 1). America ships over food to Mexico that was made by Americans. “Mondelez International (Nabisco) will lay off half of its 1200 employees in its bakery on Chicago’s Southwest side after deciding to make a major investment in a long-standing facility here” (Nabisco to cut chicago jobs, send some work to mexico pg 1). Oreos will then be made by Mexicans and eaten in

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